The Rollercoaster Ride of Family Therapy Couples Counseling

Here’s a quick look at the sometimes messy, and often confusing worlds that are family therapy and couple counseling. Remove the set of Christmas light bulbs and you will feel the same way. For more details, visit this link to explore our offerings.

In the beginning, family counselling is not just about sitting in circles airing out dirty clothes while someone with a notepad takes notes. Family counseling is more of a mystery game in which the whole family is involved.

Couples Counseling? Oh boy! Oh boy! Imagine that you are dancing with your partner. You step eachother on their toes at the start – ouch! With some help you’ll be able dance to the same music. Couples counseling helps you to learn how to dance together no matter the type of music.

The therapy uncovers ‘family stories’ that couples and families share about their identities. Sometimes you can tell yourself positive stories, like “We have survived,” while other times you are held back by them. Therapy is like a good friend telling you, “Hey. Have you considered this perspective? These chains start unwinding.

It’s hard to imagine sharing your personal details with someone you have never met. This is similar to singing in a room full of strangers. It can be awkward and vulnerable. Feeling embarrassed is okay. Therapy is designed to reduce the pain. Imagine it like having a pleasant cup or coffee with a person you trust, who will not divulge your secrets.

The therapy of today is also quite innovative. Not only couches and tissues anymore. There are techniques that can rewrite a narrative and help you focus on solutions instead of problems. Fixing a leaking faucet is like not caring about who did it.

The culture plays a large role in the process of therapy. It’s realizing the Sunday dinners Grandma insists aren’t just about the food. They are her way to maintain strong family bonds across generations.

Plus, you can use the technology to avoid leaving your home except when absolutely necessary. It’s perfect for times when climbing Mount Everest is not possible.

Why even bother with it? Relationships are vital. They can sometimes be difficult to maintain, but they are incredibly rewarding.

You’re not failing if therapy is your choice. It means you are prepared to fight hard for a more positive outcome. It is your choice to “Yes!” The choice is yours. “Yes!” Connection instead of isolation.

What’s difference between couples counseling and family counselling? Tough? Yes. Does this make sense? You will be prepared for whatever life throws in your direction.

Make sure you remind yourself that a quick pitstop to fix your vehicle could be the best choice in this crazy rollercoaster ride called life. We’re anticipating a smoother trip!

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