Border Security Goldilocks Zone

Border Security. Like the family recipe for chili, everyone has different opinions but can’t agree on what ingredients to add. Some like it spicy and others prefer a milder version. Like the old family recipe of chili, everyone has different opinions about the secret ingredient that we should use to protect our country’s border. Read the latest posts on my blog.

Let’s be honest. This isn’t like being the bouncer at a club. To keep track of everyone, you need to know who can and cannot enter and stay out.

Imagine keeping an eye on everyone in a room full of people and making sure that no one is sneaking out through the back, or trying to get into the bathroom window. Essentially this is what countries must deal with. Striking a balance between safety and openness is not easy.

It’s important to convince your grandmother to believe you had enough to eat during Thanksgiving dinner.

Imagine not having heard of Kpop or never trying it because of the difficult lyrics.

It’s like buying only Baltic Avenue in Monopoly. This option feels more secure than playing Boardwalk.

Remember those heartbreaking stories about individuals and families fleeing dangerous areas? These stories are far more compelling than a telenovela.

Goldilocks Zone is the ideal temperature for technology: not too hot nor too cold. It’s the balance between laws and policies with a firm but fair hand. Like Mary Poppins for Homeland Security.

It’s like the debate over whether pineapples are allowed on pizza. We need to find a balance between the excitement and confusion.