The Art and Heart of Political Advocacy

It’s like teaching an octopus to dance, with all the arms flailing around and everyone doing their own thing. You’re then in the middle, hoping they will move in harmony. Explore our website to find valuable insights and resources.

It’s all about convincing high-ranking people that your dance moves are worth learning.

There are also campaigns that take place at the grassroots.

Social media campaigns are now in the wild west. They are more flamboyant than a family reunion.

They’re true-life stories about triumphs and struggles that make people stop, listen…and maybe even open their wallets. These are real-life stories of triumphs and challenges that can make people listen and possibly open their wallets.

Is it possible to determine whether the hullabaloo is having any impact? It’s obvious when laws are passed or money raised for a cause. Reading the tea leaves in a storm is similar to trying to understand the confusion and chaos.

There’s no such thing as a smooth ride. Sometimes it can be difficult to get others to care about something other than the dinner. Others would prefer that you fail.

What can you do to keep going without losing your marbles, and still have fun? Flexibility is key – it’s important to know how to switch gears when plan A fails.

You may not like the fact that political advocacy can be frustrating and messy. This is not for the faint of heart, or those who are allergic to octopus-like metaphors on their clothing.