Couples counseling Refresh your relationship counselor by hitting the Refresh Button

Imagine two people seated opposite each other on an uncomfortable couch. They are in the same relationship. They try to avoid making eye contact either with their counselor or each other. In couples therapy it is not about pointing out faults, but rather finding your partner amid the chaos of everyday life. Find additional reading material on our website.

Let’s debunk a few myths. The fact is that counseling does not mean that your relationship is on a knife-edge.

You may be able to translate “You do something wrong every time” as “I want only help around the home.” It’s a good thing you can learn to communicate in a calm and non-aggressive way. You can think of it as painting by numbers but only using words.

There are also expectations. These little details can cause more drama than a soap opera. Counseling helps to uncover these hidden deal-breakers. Counseling can help both parties adjust their perspectives to see the other person’s point of views.

But, hey! Couples’ therapy doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. It’s possible to feel warm and fuzzy when you reconnect.

Imagine a relationship like an outdoor garden. Sure, the greenery is beautiful. However, wet weather can cause weeds to grow and storms to strike. Counseling, on the other hand, is similar to gardening tools, such as a watering pot, that are used to clean up, encourage growth, or to create new connections.

Couples counseling can be compared to an exciting rollercoaster. It is possible to find yourself on a rollercoaster ride, climbing steep hills of self-reflection and then zooming into revelations with breakneck speed.

Couples counselling is the answer. You can refresh your browser to fix a glitch in the relationship rather than throw away the computer. Try it, you never know. Maybe you’ll fall in love with your relationship again.