Your Weeknight Meals Organize

What is the hardest task you have to accomplish in a given day? Most people would answer “mealtime” if asked – get the facts. It can seem overwhelming to think about what you should cook, buy the ingredients and prepare it. Then, there’s cleaning up. This is one reason we are all so dependent upon take-out and fast food. Dial-up delivery no longer is a treat but a staple in many families’ homes. You may feel guilty if you work full time. But it’s simple to prepare a healthy and economical meal for your family.

Sarah on “remembering and seeing the big picture”

“I’m a former takeout junkie. My husband was a full-time worker and we fell into the trap that many young parents fall for. It’s not easy to work all day and then go home and make dinner with a toddler in tears and a cranky toddler. It was easy to order Chinese food and pizza. But then I realized that we were eating Chinese food. It was not only bad on our waistlines, it was also bad for the bottom line. We were spending a lot of money on food. Now I plan my Sundays ahead. When we plan the week’s meals, we can grocery shop and plan. If the recipe is correct, I can ask my husband to cook. We’re eating healthier, saving lots of cash, and it’s all for our good.

Alicia on “the Path of Less Resistance”

“I’m not someone who will get excited by a new recipe found in a magazine. Cooking is not something that I love. It’s for me a means towards an end. I want to eat as healthy as possible, spend as little time and money doing it as possible. Kitchen duty is a way I can enlist others to do the same. I love making salads, my husband likes to grill. Then find your interests and strengths and divide the rest.

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