What to consider before renting a self-storage unit

1. Stick to your budget. Ask the manager of the Denver self-storage unit how often they increase their prices so you can factor that in your budget. Ask the manager to create a chart if your price seems affordable – more info?

two. Rents due. Ask the manager whether the rent is due and what options you have for paying it. Self-storage services may offer an online payment option or allow you to plan months in advance. Find a system that suits you and stick with it.

3. Storms are not caused by self storage facilities. If you are near a Denver storage unit and have your belongings there, check out the facility after a storm. The storage facility is not responsible for any water damage, therefore taking a few minutes to check on your items after a storm can save you a lot of money.

four. Entry. You should consider how often you will access your storage unit. You can use this information to determine the size of storage unit you may want to rent. If you plan to access your self-storage device frequently, you may need to hire a larger device than the one recommended by the manager. You will require more space to move around without damaging your possessions when you access your storage facility. If you are not going to be using your storage facility, you can be sure that the size recommended by the manager is the right one for you. You may even want to rent a smaller self-storage unit if you are familiar with how to pack the device and arrange it. Remember to place the items you think you will need to access quickly near the door of the storage unit. Renting a smaller storage device will save you money on a monthly basis. You may not have enough space in your unit to maneuver around, but it’ll give you more room to work.

five. Hidden service fees. Self storage units may charge a deposit that is refundable if you leave the facility in the same condition as you found it. Ask the manager of the storage unit about the cost of the deposit if there is one. Also, ask if any hidden service charges will be added to your bill in addition to your rent.

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