What Seattle DUI attorneys will do to help defend DUI accusations

There are serious consequences when you’re accused of DUI within Seattle. This includes the possibility of losing your driver’s license, and jail time or criminal record. DUI lawyers who are located in Seattle can help you consider every option for defense so you can get the most favorable result you can get, click here!

What DUI attorneys in Seattle can do to assist

DUI lawyers in Seattle examine your situation and decide if there are any defenses. The lawyer may have the ability to present various arguments to help free you from the charge.

DUI lawyers in Seattle can also assist you to look into other alternatives, like first-time offender programs as well as plea bargaining. It can help you avoid long-term penalties or serious punishments which can disrupt your everyday routine.

DUI Defences

Seattle DUI lawyers will review the details of your case to help to determine whether there’s an argument that could apply to your particular situation. Some defenses to DUI accusations include an unlawful investigation or an incorrect DUI test.

DUI lawyers in Seattle will assist you in preparing defense based on an illegal search. The defense revolves on the necessity of proving the 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights were infringed. The breathalyzer test, or other DUI tests can be considered as searches conducted by police. The evidence gathered by police might not be admissible in the event that they have stopped you for no reason or conducted tests on the subject with no suspicion that you were drinking alcohol. A prosecutor may have to drop the case in the event that there’s no proof.

Arguments against flawed DUI tests rest on the notion that the test itself failed to meet the standards. This defense is available in cases where a breathalyzer wasn’t kept up to standards or if law enforcement personnel weren’t properly educated in the use of breathalyzers.

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