What are the best carpet cleaning methods?

There are so many options for cleaning carpets, read more. It comes down to how they are maintained and what method they prefer. Although all the methods work, the key to choosing the right carpet cleaning method is making an educated decision. There are two main carpet cleaning methods. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

Manufacturers consider this to be one of their top carpet cleaning techniques. Hot water extraction is also known by the truck-mounted or portable units. This is a great method to clean carpets that are very soiled.

First, the cleaning solution is applied to carpet. The carpet is then rinsed with hot water. This cleaning solution is thorough because it has a lot to flush. It takes approximately 24 hours for the carpet to dry. The high heat kills bacteria, mold, and mites while the carpet is still clean.

Dry Cleaning

There are several variations to this method. It is up to the carpet cleaner to choose which one works best.

Foam Method: A machine stirs the foaming shampoo that is applied to carpet to absorb dirt. It is then allowed to dry before being vacuumed with dirt and soil. However, the carpet will dry quickly and leave behind some residue.

Bonnet Cleaning is another popular carpet cleaning method. To absorb soil and dust, apply the cleaning solution to the carpet. The cleaning solution is then absorbed by the cotton bonnets on the spinning machine. Also, synthetic materials can be used for the bonnets.

– Powder method – Semi-moist powder applied to carpet, which absorbs soil. The carpet is then allowed to dry, and then it is vacuumed. The carpet is dried quickly, but some residue remains.

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