Wet or Dry?

You may not be aware, but your carpet cleaning machine has more than one method to clean carpets spotless carpet. There are two main methods of cleaning carpets: wet or dry. The difference between wet and dry cleaning is something that many people want to know. There is more to the difference than just the fact that one uses more water. Before starting with either method, it is recommended that the carpet be vacuumed. It makes the process of cleaning easier.

Cleansing This is our first technique. The wet method of cleaning uses the largest amount of water. Steam cleaning and shampooing are the two major types.

You literally wash the carpet with the method of shampooing. A foam shampoo is applied by the cleaning machine to cover fibers. This procedure stirs the dirt up and removes stains. As the dirt and stains are stirred, they become trapped within the shampoo. The carpet can be vacuumed after drying. Dirt and stains which were attached to the fibers of the carpet are washed away using the dried shampoo.

Steam cleaning may also be classified under the term wet cleansing. Your cleaner will spray a mix of hot detergent and water onto the carpet when steam cleaning. It loosens dirt. This is followed by a vacuum cleaner that can remove the excess water.

Carpet Dry Cleaning In the dry cleaning method, the carpet is covered with a wet powder and the fibres are massaged using a special machine. It is made up of mainly detergents, solvents that dissolve, and absorbents. A small amount (just enough) of water is also added to the powder, making it moist. This powder has a special chemical composition that makes it incredibly powerful. Once the powder has been applied to the carpet it will be vacuumed up.

Benefits and disadvantages of Dry Cleaning It is classified as “surface cleaning.” This means that it does not clean as thoroughly as a moist clean. It is quicker. If you are using a solution for a wet clean, it may take up to 12 hours before the solution is dry. This is the downside of wet cleaning – you have to wait a bit longer. It’s more powerful and thorough. So the waiting is usually worth it.

Cleaning Process The majority of professional cleaners use the process described in this article. The first thing they do is survey the space to be cleaned in order to know the size and layout, as well as the types of dirt and stains that will be present.

After vacuuming the surface, remove any “easy” dirt.

The carpet is pre-conditioned with an specialized solution after vacuuming. It emulsifies any biomaterials and dirt that has been suspended.

They then agitate those areas where there is the greatest foot traffic. It helps to loosen up the dirt that has been compacted.

The cleaning solution applied at Step 3 is rinsed after the agitation. After agitation, they rinse the cleaning solutions applied in Step 3. The stain-removing agents are used if the spots remain stubborn. The spots are “dwelled” in these areas for as long as necessary to enable the spot removal agents to work. The removal solution is rinsed off the carpet after the required amount of “dwelling” time.

They will then apply Dupont Teflon’s Advanced Fiber Protectant to the carpets. While this final step is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended.
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