Ultimate Cleaning Guide for Dog Owners

It’s no secret that our pets make us happier, but their furry friends aren’t the greatest for our carpets. One moment, you may be enjoying a good cuddle and then the next you might find yourself looking for carpet cleaning tips gordon after your pet has left a not-so-adorable mark on the flooring. Fear not pet parents. How to maintain your carpets so they look as new as the love you have for your pets, click here!

First, preventative measures are the best way to go when it comes down to carpets and animals. Maintain those clean paws. Consider using a paw cleaner mat by the front door or wiping down with a wet towel to prevent dirt from dancing its way on your carpet. You can think of it as a club bouncer who ensures that only the cleanest dirt particles reach the carpet.

As we know, time is critical when removing any stain. However, for pet stains it’s more like defusing an explosive. Speed is key. An ounce of quick blotting can save you a pound in deep cleaning. Here, the goal is to get as much dirt out as possible.

Here’s a little secret: Enzymatic Cleaners. The ninjas are the cleaners who break down pet odors, and remove stains. The enzymes work well because they target the protein-based stains that pets leave behind. Don’t be concerned about using harsh chemicals. Enzymatic cleaners can also be eco-friendly.

It’s not just about vacuuming once when you’ve got pets. Vacuuming can be a long and arduous process. You can protect your carpets from fur tumbleweeds by vacuuming regularly. The key is to be aggressive in your fight against dirt.

Even the best pet owners may find themselves with a stain which is stubborn and won’t go away. When that happens, it’s best to get the cavalry. Carpet Cleaning Gordon’s team of professional carpet cleaners is equipped with tools and the expertise necessary to eliminate even the worst pet stains from your carpet.

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