The Laws Fundamental to Fort Lauderdale DUI Penalties and Fines

Fort Lauderdale DUI is based upon The DUI Law and applies the same penalties for DUI convictions. There are many factors to be considered when someone gets arrested or found guilty of DUI within Fort Lauderdale. Are I going to prison? What is the length of time I will be in prison? What’s the probation time? What penalties are there? What is the amount of fines? What time will my license be suspended, if it is? These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions from Fort Lauderdale DUI attorneys from totally ignorant and reckless clients.

Washington Fines and penalties for DUI for Fort Lauderdale and Washington are determined by the following laws and the following facts:

First Washington DUI (Fort Lauderdale DUI)

In the case of a first offence, not less than one day, or greater than one year of imprisonment. The court can delay or suspend the sentence when it determines that the sentence carries significant risk to the offenders mental or physical well-being. The court may ordain the installation of the EHM (Electric Home Monitoring Device) or a breathalyzer for alcohol at the expense of the defendant for a period of 15 days.

A BAC that is high can be punished with not less than 2 days nor greater than one year prison. The court can delay or suspend the sentence in the event that it determines the person in prison is at significant risk of causing harm to their psychological or physical health. The court may ordain the use of the EHM (Electric Home Monitoring Device) or breathalyzer for alcohol at the expense of the defendant for of up to 15 days.

Fines and costs:

The total BAC cannot be more than $5500 or less than $350.

The blood alcohol content of the test is high or refusing to perform the test: Not greater than $5,050 nor anything less than.

The $125 fee is due to a person who has been found guilty, delayed prosecution because of an arrest or sentencing to a lesser charge. Washington State Toxicology Laboratory Washington State Toxicology Laboratory receives the fee.

An additional $500 is paid to compensate the victim. 60% of the fines are utilized to fund education and safety programmes.

License Suspension

The initial offense for BAC as such is 90 days or 3 months

If you do not take a test or you have a high alcohol content, the first time you do it can be punished by a calendar year (12 months) or a one-year suspension.

Violations of Zero Tolerance Law:

90 day suspension

Conditions of License

First-time offenders are only eligible for an injunction to license after they are convicted.

You have completed the suspension time.

Fort Lauderdale DUI (second Washington DUI)

Prison: 30 days minimum Maximum 1 year. Monitoring at home for 60 days.

Fines and costs:

Second offenses occur in the event that the BAC levels fall below.15 minimum $500, and the maximum of $5,000.

A second offence occurs at the point that your BAC levels reaches.15 minimum $750, the maximum amount of $5,000.

The charges for any additional violations are identical to those that were imposed in the initial instance.

License Suspension

Second Offense BAC Second Offense BAC: 24 months or 2 Years

If you do not take a test or have a very excessive BAC, 90 days is the longest punishment.

Violations of Zero Tolerance Law:

The maximum penalty is one year or until the maximum age for the offenders is 21 years old.

Conditions of License

A conditional license cannot be granted for second-time offenders.

The court may grant the probationary process or community service for DUI offenders who are convicted for the first and/or the second time within Fort Lauderdale.

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