The High Demand for Car Lots with Buy-Here, Pay-Here Features

Inflation, high unemployment, and damaged currencies have all contributed to the current wave of bankruptcies and foreclosures. Behind each of these fiscal disasters is a household or person with ruined credit. These households are often dependent on public assistance, weekly pay checks, unemployment benefits or both to get by for a week. Almost all of them still require to drive. Click here!

The BHPH model is for those who are left behind in a weak economy. This car seller is able to sell cars to people with no credit or cash. However, the price is high interest rates, substandard cars, and sometimes unscrupulous collection actions against car owner who are behind on their weekly payments. These businesses are essential for modern life and help people get transportation. However, the public often views them as predatory businesses.

Analysts suggest that the BHPH market be viewed as a financial market, rather than an automobile market. These companies are often preoccupied with collecting high-interest loans and paying them back. They use vehicles as security, rather than post-dated checks. Those who fail to pay will lose their car. Therefore, the burden falls on the poor who are already struggling financially to pay the high interest rates charged them by BHPH sellers.

The normal car-buying process allows shoppers to look at the car they desire and then discuss financing options. Before showing potential buyers the cars that might suit their needs, BHPH dealers will often discuss credit history, down payment and payment amounts. BHPH buyers often have to report to the dealership in order to make payments after they have chosen their car. Repossessed vehicles are often taken away if they have not paid their bills in a timely manner.

Buyers may also be subject to other terms that can make their BHPH experience more difficult. Dealers often equip cars with tracking devices, which will shut down the car if payment is not received on time. Drivers can find themselves stuck in strange places, with no way of getting home or safety.

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