The Heart of Political Advocacy

Political advocacy? If you try to teach a squid how to dance, it’s the same as trying to teach an Octopus to dance. Read the latest articles on check my blog.

Let’s talk about lobbying. Don’t be snoozy. It’s not as thrilling to me to “lobby” as it is to watch the paint dry. Imagine whispering sweet, uplifting words in the ear someone with the authority to change or create rules. You can use your charm to win over the most stoic of hearts, and you have facts that are sure to make them laugh. This is lobbying. You have to convince people in high-ranking positions that your dance would be worthwhile.

Next, there is the grassroots campaign. Imagine a group of neighbors who decide that enough is enough. You could be worried about a major issue like climate change. Or you might have a more private issue, like the need to install a safety sign at a dangerous crossroad. What are you planning to do? You knock on your neighbors’ doors, gather people on Facebook, or organize a few protests. You have a small team of supporters who are ready to assist you.

This is the Wild West of social media campaigns. It gets hot here. Hashtags are more popular than family reunion insults. Tweets travel faster than gossip from backyard fences. It’s incredible that someone in pajamas sitting half way around the globe can support your local campaign by clicking a link.

Storytelling will help you to achieve your goals! It’s all about storytelling!

How can we tell if all the hullabaloo has any effect? It’s not always easy to tell, but new laws and funds raised for a cause can make it clear.

No doubt, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some people are not interested in anything other than their dinner. Others would rather you fail.

What can be done to continue moving forward, without losing your marbles then? Flexibility is key – the ability to change gears when Plan A fails faster than a Sunday breakfast pancake is crucial.

Politics can be messy, frustrating, and exciting. It’s not for the weakhearted or those allergic the metaphorical octopus stain left on clothing by all those dance instructions. Two humans talking straight. Now is the time to defeat your nasal desires. It’s now time for smoother seas.

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