The Best Way to Keep Carpets Clean in Sand and Moist

The waves and sunsets make beach living a vacation that never ends. Our coastal beauty can be ruined by the sand or water. Carpet cleaning on northern beaches requires an artistic touch and the ability to dance with nature. We’ll talk about how to keep carpets looking as beautiful as sand beaches, without any gritty additives – check this out!

Our beloved carpets are not spared from the sand that we bring back with us. The sand doesn’t only crunch beneath your feet, it also grinds the carpet fibers and causes early degradation. Our policy is to “leave it at the beach”. We have a “leave the beach at the beach” policy. This is our first line of defense, and it makes cleaning up a lot more fun. Shaking sand is a lot of fun.

Moisture–the quiet carpet killer. It sneaks into your home and can cause mold and musty odors without you knowing. The dehumidifier we use keeps the indoor air sufficiently dry to combat dampness. We open our windows on rainy days to let the sea breeze blow away moisture. The house smells fresher.

We vacuum regularly. To remove sand from our fortifications, we use a vacuum with high suction. We must vacuum every section from various directions to avoid leaving behind sand. Imagine going on a treasure hunt to find a carpet that is sand free.

Even with these precautions, moisture and sand can still penetrate carpet fibers. Northern beaches carpet cleaning professionals can help. We consult with experts twice a year. Their equipment, techniques, and knowledge will help revive and clean our carpets after sand or dampness. After a day at the spa, our carpets look and feel refreshed.

We’ve created a sand- and moisture-mitigation method that is tailored to beach living. This proves the saying “Anounce of prevention worth a pound in cure.” We can extend the life of our carpets by being proactive. This will keep our house warm and weatherproof. We make our memories at the beach but cherish them inside a home that is sand free and smells fresh.

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