Ten Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Painting Contractor

There are many choices for the consumer when choosing a contractor to paint. You can use the following list of easy questions to decide on which painting contractor is best for you. Enjoy! go here?

1. What do you have to say about your company and yourself? The contractor should be asked to provide details about their painting experiences, business history, and customer references. You should make sure that your explanations are clear and simple. Your needs should be addressed.

2. Has your team been working for you a long period of time? Do all your painters work full time? Are your painters trained to the highest standards? What information do you have about our painters? They have been painters for how long? Are you able to maintain a consistent work force? Or does your workforce change regularly? Define your standards of training, control and supervision. Painters with little experience can’t match the best painted surfaces.

3. Specialize in what type of work? Do you work on residential or commercial projects? What is the main focus of your contractor? Painting contractors who focus on residential work are hired most often by home owners looking for the best quality. Painters may be selected by clients for their professionalism, quality or ability to stay on schedule.

4. What are your working processes? They want a contractor that is proud to deliver the highest-quality paint for every painting project. Professional painters should analyze customer needs and perform thorough preparations. They must then use the best method to apply the paint.

5. Please provide references. Reputable contractors should have a complete list of current and previous clients. References from the contractor should contain a range of different street names and neighbourhoods. This should also contain a list local references.

6. Can you provide any documents relating to certifications or licenses? Most states require that painters register with the state as licensed contractors. Customers should have a copy. Any registration problems can be verified by Department of Consumer Protection.

7. Is it possible to get a certificate of insurance from your company? A proof of workers’ comp, auto, and other insurances must be provided. Contractors must not provide certificates of insurance. They should be provided by their agent.

8. Do you have EPA Lead Safe Firms certification? Federal Law states that only EPA Lead Safe Certified Companies may renovate houses built prior to 1978. You should ensure that your contractor has received all of the required training. In accordance with Federal Regulations, all of your workers should be qualified as renovators. Your contractor’s logo must show EPA Lead-Safe Certified.

9. Where are you buying your paint from? Best products come from paint companies that are world class. Benjamin Moore Glidden Professional Sherwin William as well as many other companies partner with professionals to provide them the best coatings. House painting professionals should be experienced and knowledgeable enough to customize their products for each client.

10. Why Hire You to Paint My Project? Painters with experience in the field will know how to explain their differences. Discussions about paints are also a good way to find out which manufacturers make the best products. The way painters follow the manufacturer’s specifications when applying paint. Painters who are well-trained and properly equipped will treat your property like it is theirs. It is important to provide information about the company and its services so potential clients can evaluate value and quality.

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