Strategies to limit loss and maximize profits from cryptocurrency trading

Are you looking to make money from the volatility of crypto market? You’re looking to secure and minimize losses, but still maximize profit. The best strategies to use and tools for cryptocurrency trading if would like to cut down on your loss – article source!

Then, you’d like to gain when the value of your crypto assets goes higher and you are willing to sit and wait for gains However, you believe that isn’t going to happen overnight. Price fluctuations are happening while you are waiting. It’s painful to watch as a win disappears, and then turns into losses. The goal is to handle your losses. What is the best way and how do you go about doing that?

That’s not a problem using a Trailing Stop Limit Order. You can control the market’s volatility with this device.

How does a trailing stop limit order work?

The trailing stop-limit order allows cryptocurrency traders to set a maximum loss limitation without determining any maxima for gains. This is a unique type of order which comes with an interval of stop-limit for added protection from downside. TrailingCrypto one of the most well-known crypto trading platforms, allows traders to automatically and intelligently put trailing stops in order.

This order type allows its traders to set the Trigger Delta to determine how much the value of a crypto asset could fall before the time you make a sale or rise before placing an order to buy. It is possible to specify the trigger delta in terms of percentage or quantity. Once after setting the trigger delta TrailingCrypto continuously recalculates the price that triggers your order, based on the price at which it is currently trading for the investment as it shifts towards a favorable direction. If the market price changes direction, the trigger price isn’t affected.

Once your purchase is activated, the buying or selling of the crypto asset will result in limited orders. You will determine the limit price by specifying how far from the trigger price, you can allow for the purchase or selling of the currency. This is known as Limit Offset.

Trailing stop limit sell

A Limit Trailing Sell Order moves in line with the current market price and continually recalculates trigger prices at a fixed price below market value, based on a number of trailing amounts set by the user. The limit order price is calculated based on the limit offset. As the price increases, both limit price and stop price will increase according to the amount of trail and the limit offset. If the price goes downwards, the stop value will remain unchanged. This is why the trailing limit sale order is one of the top crypto trading tools with the limitation sell order will be able to track the market price of the currency pair. It is easy to understand by using an example:

Imagine that a trader places one of the limit trailing sell orders on XBT/USDT. This trader is then able to set the trigger delta, or trailing gap to 10 percent. The limit order for selling will therefore always be set at 10% of the current market price for USDT XBT. If the pair moves from 9,500 to 9,400 then the value of the trailing price will be adjusted accordingly.

Thus, the distance between the value of the pair and the limit sale order is maintained at 10 per cent. In the event that it increases in value, the limit sell price doesn’t decrease.

What’s the term for a trailing limit of sale order?

It is important to first select the desired exchange

Select the Orders window, and select Trailing Limit Sell

Once after specifying the kind of order you want to place, type in the required parameters. For instance, you can you can select USD or trading with Bitcoin as the currency of trade. The amount you can choose to specify is in terms of 10 BTC, 5 BTC. The offset can be set to 10percent for offset. It’s now time to complete your order.

The order will now be shown in the Order Window.

The type of order is a mirror of the trailing stop limit order. It can be used to protect profits generated through short-selling or when you attempt to purchase stocks that are bouncing off due to a low in the market.

This is a step-by-step process for placing a trailing stop purchase with TrailingCrypto.

Select the Exchange

Choose Trailing stop purchase order

Select the base coin, and select the quotation. Then select the quantity of coins which you want to purchase. Select the percentage you want to make use of. For example, say 10 BTC or pick 10% of BTC.

You can enter the price of the coin that you’d like to purchase. The field is based on the market price if the field is empty.

Choose the offset, which is a fixed percentage above the market rate at which you are currently.

Submit order

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