Smoothie Lunch that’s easy, healthy and slimming

If you are alone all day, what do you do for lunch? Do you cook smart or do you just grab the quickest food you can find? You can make a Slimming Lunch Smoothie in 5 minutes. It’s easy, quick, tasty, and requires very little cleanup – article source.

Blend in a blender

6 oz. 6 oz.

1/2 cup fresh spinach leaves, or 2 Swiss Chard leaves

1 stalk celery, chopped in pieces

1/2 small, raw, apple, cut in half

2 1-oz servings of micro-filtered, whey powder

1 tsp. 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oils

Side dish: 2 sesame-seed crackers spread 1 tsp. peanut, almond or cashew butter

Dessert: 2 pieces candied ginger, served alongside hot herb tea

The insulin rush caused by this meal is not likely to occur. This can lead to hunger that then leads to snacking all day. It provides your body with a good amount of complete protein, some carbohydrates, and a small amount fat to keep from snacking. You will get the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients you need from raw fruits and vegetables. It is simple, nutritious, satisfying and delicious.

Many women find lunch at home to be the most unhealthy meal of the day. It can consist of 2 slices bread with a piece each of cheese, ham or both. You can also have pie or cake with Coke. This type of meal stimulates an insulin rush. Within an hour you’ll feel full again, and snack throughout the afternoon. You won’t lose weight! You will feel tired quickly.

You can find more information about whey protein in my Resource Box.

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