Selecting A Cat Tree, Playground Or Kitty Condominium – What Is Ideal For You?

New projects in Singapore Getting cat furniture is often a perplexing and maybe exhausting working experience. Nothing at all is a lot more discouraging than to arrange a wonderful cat tree only to have your cats absolutely disregard it! I’ve owned cats all my existence, as well as in this post I’ll seek to share a number of my skills and insight with you to help you make your final decision a little a lot easier.

There are a selection of factors to look at in choosing a cat tree, rental, tower, playground or gymnasium. Here, in no individual buy, are a few items you are going to desire to remember:

Your cat’s habits and choices
Placement and area necessities
Supplies and development
Price tag

What does your cat want?

Like a standard rule, most cats share selected attributes and routines like curiosity, a need to hide out inside of a dark, enclosed place and also a love of heights – but as each cat operator knows, every kitty differs!

The very first matter I’d recommend should be to expend several times paying out close consideration for your cat’s habits. Exactly where does he typically snooze, hang out or participate in? What types of items does she participate in with? After you decide on her up, does she desire to climb up on your own shoulders? What forms of places have you been always battling to maintain him out of? The responses to these issues need to make it easier to decide what sorts of capabilities your cat will enjoy probably the most.

Attributes and the kitties who appreciate them:

Kitty Apartment: A cat who has a tendency to opt for a dim, tranquil corner to rest in will probably need a product by using a kitty apartment. A similar could possibly be explained for cats who love to take a look at shopping bags, containers, cabinets and various darkish, solution places. If your home is one of people occupied or busy kinds with kids actively playing and lots of folks coming and going, kitty may possibly just really like the peace and quiet that an enclosed cat condominium delivers.

Top: Some cats just have to have to be up significant. Some kitties the same as to become able to discover anything, plus some sense safer up previously mentioned the reach in the relatives pet or babies. When your cat is usually seeking to climb up in your shoulders once you pick her up, or likes to jump up on counters, you could possibly think about acquiring the tallest cat tree, kitty gymnasium or playground you are able to. A floor to ceiling tower is usually a very good solution, and so they come in a number of configurations – some are quite basic and take up incredibly minimal floor place, other individuals is often pretty elaborate. There’s also quite a bit of totally free standing products more than 6 toes tall which will satisfy your cat’s need to glance down on us lousy people!

Protected Sleeping Spot: Our cat Lucy usually sleeps leaned up in opposition to something (me, a chair cushion, or the lifted lip on her favored cat perch) – she needs the security of experience anything from her again for her to really take it easy. Should your cat is like Lucy, you may need to make certain which the cat tree or playground you end up picking contains a location to rest the place she’ll come to feel secure. You could possibly desire a snooze tray with raised sides, a curved 50 % moon shaped shelf or simply a kitty hammock.

Not So Secure Sleeping Location: Our other cat, George, just sprawls out any where – when your cat is like him, he’ll be satisfied with an open shelf to nap on.

Observation Article: Fairly substantially every single cat likes to keep an eye on issues – it is merely a survival instinct. Make sure the design you select includes a position exactly where your cat will need to invest numerous hours of your working day, no matter whether it’s a flat shelf, kitty hammock, curved shelf or tray. Also to the type with the observation publish, take into account the height from the ground and relieve of obtain – specifically in the event your cat is elderly or will not get close to also as he used to.

Kitty Hammocks: We have identified that most cats like a hammock, while timid cats might have some reassurance at the outset owing on the more ‘give’ they experience at first after they move on it. The moment they get accustomed to it, it might become a beloved ‘hang out’ (sorry – I could not resist!). When your cat is doubtful with regard to the hammock initially, place it close to the floor for extra satisfaction. As your cat receives made use of to it you could move it higher for those who like.

Play Tubes: Playful cats like tubes or tunnels for the reason that they will demand throughout them or lie in wait around and pounce at unsuspecting passersby – animal or human!


Although the cat home furniture you end up picking has every one of the points your cat enjoys, when you set it from the improper position he could wholly overlook it. Consider about in which your cat spends time now – is she a ‘people cat’ who wants to be inside the same place as being the relaxation on the family members? Is she far more of a loner who seeks out silent spots in unused components of the property? Does he prefer to look out the window? (look for nose prints on the glass!)

Decades in the past we had a fabulous flooring to ceiling cat tower with various shelves, a kitty condominium – the will work! The sole difficulty was the a person spot within the home where by we experienced area for it absolutely was a place which was hardly employed. Given that our cats prefer to be with us, they by no means used the tree, and we wound up donating it on the community humane modern society. Now now we have a smaller sized cat tree that we maintain from the family members space exactly where we commit substantially of our time, plus the cats use it on a daily basis.

If you’re able to place the tree up coming into a window there may be a substantially greater probability that your cats will utilize it. A window that opens is very best, especially for indoor kitties. The smells and appears from outdoors will maintain them entertained and engaged inside the planet all over them.


This is where by you start contemplating your needs. The amount area do you think you’re willing and able to commit to cat household furniture, no matter if it is a playground, kitty health and fitness center or cat tree? Be certain to take a look at the many dimensions – baseplate sizing, general dimensions and peak – and really measure the space you might have in your mind to make positive it’ll in shape. Quite a few models are modular in design and style, so you don’t really have to put it with each other exactly mainly because it is pictured. This may give you a little bit of overall flexibility if place is an difficulty. Try to find the phrase ‘modular design’ – not all cat trees have this characteristic!

Supplies and Design

Among the major considerations in this article must be how steady and sturdy the cat home furniture is. Cats will never make use of a wobbly or unstable tree. Look for broad bases and base heavy models that may continue to keep it from tipping whenever your cat jumps up on it.

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