Quick Carpet Rescue: Spill Pro to Spill Panic!

You’ve probably experienced a time when a carpet spill can turn a pleasant dinner or movie into chaos. What horror! For those who work on the carpet cleaning North Shore, where the gatherings can be as common as the ocean waves, spills may feel like an instant heart attack. But no more! These tips will help you go from spill-panic mode to spill-pro. Our products.

It is important to act quickly but wisely in the first few minutes after an spill. To avoid spreading the mess, do not rub the spill in panic. Blot it gently. It will prevent the spill spreading.

Club Soda for Wine and Beer – That’s Right! You can use club soda to clean up wine and beer spills on your carpet if you’ve been having a bit too much fun. Use club soda to wipe the affected area. Mix it with some white vinegar, water, or rubbing alcohol and spray it on the affected area if the solution doesn’t work right away. Allow to sit for several minutes before wiping away.

Shaving Cream to Remove General Stains. Accidents involving sauces and even some inks may be painful. You need not be afraid! You can use shaving cream to remove stains. Apply it directly onto the stain and let it rest for around 30 minutes. Then, wipe away any remaining residue with a soft, dry towel. How could shaving cream be so helpful?

Dish Soap For Grease: Did that pizza piece fall? No worries. Pour a little dishwashing liquid in a glass of water and use it to blot away the grease. You can use it as a miniature grease-fighting fighter for your carpet.

Imagine you’ve just stepped on gum. Now imagine that it has become a permanent part of the carpet. Gross, right? Stay put! Frozen gum can be removed with an ice-cube. Freeze the gum about 30 seconds and then remove the gum using a teaspoon.

For minor cuts, hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove the blood. Dab some hydrogen peroxide on the stain once you’ve removed all of the blood with cold running water. This is like magic with chemistry.

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