Psilocybin’s Side Effects: What to Know before you embark on your psychedelic adventure

Psilocybin (a naturally-occurring psychoactive compound) found in certain mushroom species has recently gained popularity for its potent therapeutic properties and mind-altering abilities. But, as with all powerful substances, psilocybin can have side-effects. We’ll examine the possible side-effects of psilocybin. Read more now on

Health Side Effects:

Psilocybin side effects can include a wide range. Typically, they occur while the user is “tripping” and diminish as it wears off. Some of these side effects include:

Nausea: Many users experience nausea and may even vomit shortly after consuming psilocybin-containing mushrooms. This phenomenon is commonly referred as “shroom sick” and more frequent with certain mushrooms.

Psilocybin Dilated Pupils Psilocybin increases sensitivity to the light.

Higher Heart Rate. Users may feel a palpitation or temporary heart rate increase during their trip. Although this may be alarming for some, the situation is rarely dangerous.

Sweating Sweating happens when your body temperature fluctuates while on a trip.

Muscle tensing: Many users experience tension in the muscles and physical discomfort, particularly when anxious or under stress.

Psychological Impacts on

Psilocybin’s psychological effects vary from person to person and are usually more profound. This includes:

Psilocybin causes hallucinations. Psilocybin’s ability to produce visual, auditory and even sensory illusions is well-known. These experiences can inspire some and be terrifying to others.

Ego Destruction: A number of users have reported a temporary loss in their sense or ego after a Psilocybin experience. The experience of transcendence can cause feelings like interconnectedness. However, this feeling can be very challenging.

Intense emotion: Psilocybin may intensify your emotions. You might experience feelings like joy, wonder, awe or even anxiety.

Perception of Time: Some users report feeling that time has been distorted during their trip. They may feel as though minutes have become hours, or the clock is stuck in place.

Mystical/Spiritual Experiences: During a trip on psilocybin some individuals have profound insights into their spirituality or mysticism, which has a long-lasting impact on how they see the world.

Aftereffects, Long-Term Effects and

Some individuals experience changes or effects that last for some time after their psilocybin trips.

The Flashback: For some people, they may encounter “flashbacks”, which can be recurrences of the experience of taking psychedelics days, even weeks, after it was first taken. They can be distressing.

Positive Side Effects: Many people report positive improvements in attitude, mood and behavior as a result of a psilocybin session. There can be an increase in feelings of creativity or interconnectedness as well.

Negative Side Effects It is possible that individuals will experience lingering anxiety or negative feelings after having a bad trip.

HPPD Risk Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder is a condition that can have serious consequences. It’s characterized as recurring visual disturbances, or even hallucinations. This can negatively impact your daily life.

Respectful Use and Harm reduction

Responsible use and harm minimization are crucial for minimizing the risks related to psilocybin’s use, and potential side-effects.

Take a Smaller Dose To reduce side effects and the intensity of your trip, you may want to start out with a very small dose.

Set the environment: Develop a pleasant and secure atmosphere for your adventure. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with trustworthy friends who will be there for you in times of need.

A Mental Health Screening: a professional should be consulted if you have had mental health problems in the past. Certain conditions could be worsened by the use of psychedelics.

Feelings and Attitude: Keep an eye on your emotional state both before and during a trip. Have a plan in place for when you begin to experience overwhelm.

Avoid mixing substances: Try to avoid combining psilocybin or other substances with alcohol, prescription medication, and any other substance that can interfere and cause adverse side effects.

Make sure you stay hydrated: Take plenty of water but limit alcohol and caffeine intake.

Avoid Risky Activity: Do Not Engage in Risky Activities, Such as Driving or Operating Heavy Machinery, During a Trip.

Plan ahead: Have an itinerary, with activities and designated safe areas. Be cautious in unfamiliar, or even dangerous places.

Seek professional help: if you are experiencing serious discomfort or an adverse reaction during your psilocybin journey, please seek immediate medical assistance or contact the crisis hotline.


Psilocybin – a potent psychoactive compound in certain mushrooms – can cause unpredictable and even dangerous effects. Psilocybin is a powerful psychoactive compound found in certain mushrooms. While its effects can be intriguing and transformative for some, they are also unpredictable. Research into the therapeutic properties of psilocybin will continue, but it is crucial that its use be approached with caution, awareness, and respect.

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