Pet Friendly Upholstery Cleaning: Freshen up Your Home and Make it Pet Friendly

Carpet cleaning website on the north shore brings up a challenge that is common in many homes: keeping upholstery clean when you have pets. While pets can bring you joy, they also have a number of side effects, including fur, accidents and odors. These all affect your furniture. Pet-friendly cleaning is not only effective in keeping your furniture looking fresh and smelling good, but it also promotes health for you and your pets.

Regular cleaning is the cornerstone to pet-friendly furniture maintenance. Regular vacuuming, with the pet hair attachment if possible, will help remove pet hair and dander as well as dirt less noticeable that your pets may bring inside. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent the accumulation of pet dander and hair, which can cause allergies in some people.

It is important to act quickly when dealing with organic stains such as vomit or urine. By blotting the stain as quickly as possible, you can prevent it from soaking deeper into fabric. White vinegar mixed with water will help to clean more effectively. The natural mixture neutralizes the odors, and also helps to break down the stain. To ensure that the solution is colorfast, test it first on an inconspicuous, small area.

There are many pet-friendly cleaning products available on the market. They are designed to remove pet-specific stains, odors and other contaminants without harsh chemicals. This makes them suitable for animals. Choose cleaners without dyes and strong scents. These can be irritating for pets.

The choice of fabric for the upholstery is another aspect that’s often forgotten. Pet owners will find it easier to clean and maintain furniture made from pet-friendly materials. Microfiber, canvas, leather and other durable materials are easier to maintain than more delicate fabrics.

Using throws or covers that are washable on your furniture, for example, can make the process of cleaning much easier. The covers are easily removable and can be washed. This keeps the upholstery underneath clean, and reduces the need for deep cleaning.

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