Personalizing Wellness With Genomic Screening

Knowledge is electrical power. All over again, Jim Plante will emphasize – according towards the CDC 80 percent of illness is brought on by way of life. If now we have the information that we carry a genetic predisposition for an disease – you think that may assist us hone our way of life decisions?

If we know that we have now a genetic predisposition for diabetic issues, which often can far more generally than not be prevented by our each day decisions, is that commitment for increased determination to the lifetime to prevent diabetes?

If now we have the knowledge to get a a lot more focused therapy protocol of disease, or simply a extra targeted information for our nutrition, supplementation, exercise… believe which is enthusiasm?

We so often desire a crystal ball to gaze into our potential. We do have a very variety of crystal balls. I am referring to the crystal balls centered of science and analysis, Science that will browse & decipher code of our DNA. I am referring to your science of genetic screening & more recently the study of genomics. The study of genetics has been with us for the long time, ever since an Austrian monk named Gregor Mendel traced heritable traits in his pea plants in the 1800s.

Genetic testing over the years has helped us isolate monogenic diseases – understand individual genes and their role in disease such as sickle cell anemia which we know strikes those of Middle Eastern, Indian, Mediterranean and yes, African heritage. Contrary to popular belief – sickle cell is related to malaria prone areas, not skin color.

Genetic testing has helped women and men discover if they are carriers of the BRCA gene mutation. Other monogenic (one gene is affected) include cystic fibrosis, polycystic kidney sickness, and Tay-Sachs sickness.

And now… we have now the science of Genomic tests…

Consider of our genomic profile as our operating manual. This operating manual holds the vital inner minutia of how we work, how are we metabolizing our nutrients, our inner pathways… A users manual made of 23 chapters – our 23 chromosomes. Each of these chapters contain the instructions, genes that dictate the body’s decision processes.

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