North Shore Carpet Cleaners – How to Get Your Carpet Refreshed Without Shampooing

There are some things you can do to revive your carpets, even if they smell bad. But you will need to spend more money and time to clean them completely. There are some easy ways to revive your carpets, without needing to shampoo them, discover more.

Bake soda can be used to clean your carpets. Clean up baking soda with a vacuum to remove it. To give your carpets an additional boost, mix a couple drops of essential oils into the baking soda.

Spray a spray can with white vinegar, water, and then lightly mist your carpets. Vinegar can be used as an odor neutralizer. Once it dries, vinegar will evaporate, taking away the smell. You should test the vinegar on a small area to make sure it doesn’t stain your carpet.

Without having to shampoo your carpets, you can restore their beauty with a fabric rejuvenator. You can spray fabric refresher directly on carpets instead and then let dry. You should ensure that you choose the right product for your carpet.

Make your Carpets Fresher by Using Air Purifiers Then, place the air purifier near the area of the plush carpet and let it run for several hours.

Carpet Cleaning North Shore can help you if your time and energy are limited. They will clean your carpets with non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods.

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