Modern Water Damage Restoration Technology

As if we had switched from a compass map to a GPS satellite click here, technology has completely transformed the water damage restoration field. Modern technology makes our jobs more efficient. See how modern technology is revolutionizing water restoration.

Let’s start by detecting moisture. Now, the days of superficial and arbitrary assessments are gone. Infrared sensors and hygrometers are used to measure the moisture. These gadgets allow us, just like X ray vision, to see beyond our naked eye. These devices can help us identify problems and damage. These instruments can reveal hidden clues, like a magnifying-glass for detectives.

Next is the drying process. Air movers and humidifiers are a better alternative to opening windows and hoping the best. These machines are like miniature wind gods, because they circulate and remove the moisture.

Technology is not just about drying. We provide superior water extraction instruments. Submersibles pumps and wet industrial vacuums can remove large volumes of water very quickly. The same thing happens when you switch from a tea spoon to a buck to empty a tub.

Mold removal is a topic we should discuss. Mold is easier to remove with technology. HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers, and antibacterial/antifungal treatments all help to stop mold. It’s almost like hiring the latest SWAT gear to fight mould.

Technological advancements have improved data storage and management. Now, we use software for tracking repair projects and documenting conditions. We also communicate with our clients and insurers. It’s like having a virtual assistant that keeps track of everything.

Drone technology has been the most innovative advancement. Drones inspect remote areas like roofs, upper floors and other high places. As if from a birds-eye perspective, we get a new perspective.

Each item in the high-tech toolbox is designed to help us restore homes or businesses to their previous state. These technological advances will only improve water damage management.

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