Melbourne’s Path to Inclusive Service for Disabled People

Let’s not waste time and get right to the point read this. Imagine walking in the streets of Melbourne. Melbourne prides itself on being an open city, welcoming everyone – including weird Uncle Barry.

It is no exaggeration to say that the growth of disability service here has been nothing but a transformational hero story. The whispering has changed to a loud “Hey all, we are here together!”

Here’s the kicker: being disabled is not synonymous with wearing a badge. It’s a small piece of a much larger puzzle. This paradigm shift has led people to come up with some pretty incredible innovations when it comes to how they receive help.

Let’s talk technology for a minute. Melbourne has a lot of clever people who create new devices for the disabled. Imagine a text reading app, or having your home turn off the light when you aren’t able see. It’s some wizardry.

You are not finished yet! More than just fancy gadgets. Magic happens when people can connect to others who are familiar with their struggles. They are like finding a tribe. Because they’ve been there, they understand.

In addition to schools and universities, they have worked hard on making learning accessible for students of all ages. All over the world, people are changing their ways to make learning accessible. Let’s face it, education doesn’t need be as difficult as ancient codes.

The world doesn’t revolve around sunshine and rainbows. Finding funding may feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded – frustrating, with many twists. There are also attitudes that can be as stubborn and obstinate as mules.

Imagine trying to get a decent job, or find a place to live when you’re disabled. There are many programmes and projects that deal with these issues. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live an active life.

What is the bottom line? Melbourne is on the exciting journey of becoming a city that is more inclusive, but it still has a few bumps in its path.

All stakeholders, including government officials and local heroes, must be involved to make the situation better.

It is still not over. The story of disability services continues to unfold, thanks to everyday champions that are fighting for a better world. It is incredible what we can accomplish when we give value to everyone.

Melbourne is a city that has the potential to create some truly amazing stories, if only it keeps pushing boundaries. Let’s continue this discussion. Remember, it takes an entire city (or village, in this case) to create real change and to raise awareness.

Always ask for and give help. It’s hard to be adventurous.

Melbourne has a lot to offer those with disabilities. Don an Indiana Jones hat, and explore the city. This quest could be one of the most rewarding ones you undertake.

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