Meditation with crystals

What crystals can you use to meditate? Learn how to choose the best stones for meditation.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of semi-precious gems. It can be overwhelming to know which ones work best in which situations, even though you have a lot of experience. Here is my personal list of top ten. These gems are ideal for beginners to help you get started with meditation, as well as advanced, powerful ones that can help you connect to God, spirit and other dimensions – recommended site.

Learn more about ten of meditation’s most powerful crystals.

What crystals can help me meditate the most?

Look for crystals which:

* Connect you directly to a higher source of information or guidance

* We can help you relax

* Can be used to connect with earth and spirit, as they can help you meditate.

* Assist with psychic abilities, visions and divination

* Have strong properties

Meditation can be helpful if you have difficulty clearing your mind, staying centered, or connecting to your higher self. Some gems are able to assist with specific goals like connecting with angels, building self love, or accessing higher realms of the akashic records.

I enjoy using crystals for meditation in the mornings and at night. You can use the crystals however you like. If I am meditating, I will make a circle out of the stones I want to use or I will use my crystal skulls to meditate. I may also use a large point for holding while meditating. A focus stone or large point could also be useful if you are just beginning meditation.

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