Meditation crystals

What crystals are the best for meditation? How to choose the right crystals for meditation. There are hundreds and thousands of semi-precious stones available. Even if you’re an experienced jeweler, it can be hard to identify which ones are best for each situation. This is my personal top ten. I’ve included both the best beginner gems to help calm your mind and get comfortable with meditating and the more powerful ones that can help connect you to God and spirit in other dimensions and realms, article source.

Learn about ten crystals that are powerful for meditation, from amethysts to moldavite, and larimar to herkimer diamants.

Which Crystals Are Best for Helping You Meditate?

Look for crystals made of:

* Connect to higher sources or guidance

* To help you relax

* They can be used to connect to spirit and earth, helping you stay grounded during meditation.

* Assist with psychic ability. Visions, divination, etc.

* Have strong physical properties

You can use crystals to meditate if your mind is cluttered, your focus is erratic, or you need to connect to your higher self. You may be able to connect with angels, build self-love, or access higher realms or the Akashic Records by using specific gems.

Crystals are my favorite way to meditate. It is up to you how you use them. I will either use the crystals as a meditation tool (or create a circle of stones) or I will use them to hold my large points or palm stones while I meditate. If you’re starting to meditate, you can also use one as a focus point or to wear certain crystal jewellery.

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