Let’s take a look at self-storage

Imagine: you have lots of things site link. There’s a lot. It’s all there, from the snowboard (which you probably only use once or twice a month) to those books “I will read them someday”. It looks like an episode of Hoarders. Consider self-storage to be your own personal hideout. Instead of costumes and gadgets, you’re now storing your seasonally appropriate gear.

You can use the storage units for more than just to store your excess bits. Imagine using one unit as a music studio. Yeah, you heard me right. You’ll no longer have angry neighbors knocking on your door while you play drum solos until the early hours of the morning. Verify with the facility if they are okay with it. Your dreams of being a superstar should not be ruined by a storage-unit eviction.

Who needs a sofa when a treadmill will do? Consider moving your gym equipment to a storage facility. It’s just like your private gym. No more tripping up dumbbells while trying to reach your fridge.

Now, let’s go into some detail with tips on how to choose the perfect storage unit.

1. Think Goldilocks. It is not too big, nor too small. Just the right size. Don’t pay for more space than you need, or have your things rearranged into Tetris because it is too small.

2. Do you have items that don’t like extremes in humidity or temperature levels? You should consider buying a unit that regulates the temperature to prevent electronics from malfunctioning and furniture from warping.

3. **Location is key**: If you intend to visit the area often, select a place that is close. Gas is not cheap, nor is precious time.

4. Ensure you have a good level of security. Use Fluffy as a guard dog, or cameras.

5. **Insurance** The life can be unpredictable. Check to see whether you’re covered under your insurance policy or not.

It is not just about dumping things at home. It gives you more room for other activities (like seeing your apartment’s floor). This extra space is great for decluttering or creating your own pottery studio. It can also be used to keep the peace within your family.

You might be tempted if your garage, kitchen or other space is cluttered with things you “will need someday”. It may be possible to regain space as well as your sanity with self-storage. Who knows? You never can tell, that storage unit may be more than a safe place to store your stuff. It may be the home of the next great American Novel…or the place where you beat Super Mario Bros., Level 7-4, without any interruption. Understand the basics.

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