Learn the art of carpet cleaning with this guide

Perhaps you just spilled your coffee onto your carpet, or perhaps some grape juice was used by the kids to create a masterpiece. No matter the situation, it can seem daunting to clean carpets at our site mosman. You need not be afraid! If you want to make your carpet look clean and new again, this guide will be your best friend. Here we go!

1. Vacuum Regularly:

Get started with the basics. Vacuuming your carpet regularly removes hair, dirt, and dust. In areas with high traffic, it is suggested that you vacuum twice a week. If the area has less traffic, vacuuming once per week should be sufficient. Keep your vacuum in top condition by changing the bag and cleaning it regularly.

2. DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Do you have a cleaner in the pantry? The combination of water and white vinegar can work wonders. If you have a stain that is more difficult to remove, such as coffee or red wine, then club soda can be used. You should always test any new solution on a small section before applying it to the whole area.

3. Professional Cleaning

You should always call in professionals. Expert carpet cleaners are equipped in Mosman with powerful machinery that can tackle deep-seated dirt and stubborn stains. Get your carpets cleaned by professionals at least twice a decade.

4. Clean Spots:

Don’t wait! If you deal with a stain as quickly as possible, it’ll be easier to remove. The stain should be blotted (don’t rub it) with a towel or cloth. This absorbs as much of the liquid as possible. Next, choose your favorite cleaning product. To prevent spreading, always remember to blot inwards from the edge of the stain.

5. Have a strict no-shoes policy

To keep carpets clean for longer, adopting a “no-shoes” policy inside is an easy but highly effective method. Shoes can track in dirt and mud as well as other materials which can cause your carpets to become dirty quickly.

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