Learn everything you can about Standing Seam metal Roofs

Roofing materials for residential structures were usually asphalt shingles. Standing seam metal is becoming more popular among home owners and builders. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning this type roofing. Read more?

Standing seam roofs are a type of roofing.

Standing seam is a roofing style in which the panels of the roof run vertically, and the seams between the panels connect them. These roofs differ from conventional ones in that they are installed differently, and this allows them to produce a solid cover which moves with thermal expansion. Named for their raised or standing seams, these roofs can be identified by this name. Typically, metals are used to make these roofs.

What are some of the benefits to using a flat roof?

There are many benefits to installing a standing-seam metal roof in residential buildings, including the following.

Metal roofs are tougher, stronger and last longer. Metal roofs can resist wear and weather better than most other materials. The metal roofs that are installed with a standard seam tend to have a higher fire resistance. If they are treated properly with finishes, metal roofing will also be resistant to rust and corrosion. If properly maintained, they can last from 30 to 50+ years.

Seams can be a weak point of any roofing system. The seams can also be a point of entry for rainwater and moisture. The standard seam construction has the seams raised above the panel to create a tight fit. This prevents leakage. This is why this construction type is a superior choice to composite shingles.

Standard seam design enables metal panels to run uninterrupted from top-to-bottom. There are no vertical joints required to join the structures together. The aesthetics of the structure is improved by fewer seams. The outer panels of roofing come in an array of finishes and colors, which makes them a stunning addition to any home. The sleek design of such roofs makes them a good match for country and contemporary style homes. The roofs have a modern feel and an industrial look, as opposed to the old rippled tin roofing found on warehouses.

In general, metal roofs can be considered as cooling. It is possible to paint them in light colors that don’t absorb heat and do not raise temperatures inside your home. Paint is difficult on composite shingles.

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