It is now possible to register for classes online

Online education is now a whole new concept thanks to audio-visual advancements and Cloud-based tech. The virtual classroom is now more engaging than it was a couple of years ago. Software for online class registration has added a variety of new features, making an online lesson highly interactive. These are some recent technological solutions that have been proving very valuable in the online class scenario. Learn more?

EBoards for connecting to the Internet

As a part of online registration, class management software facilitates better student-teacher communication and sharing. Teachers are able to add videos, high resolution images, and relevant articles to the eBoards, which will further enhance course content. Teachers can provide external links for eBoards to allow students to go on a tour beyond textbooks. It is a great way to make virtual classrooms engaging, as it allows students to access information from other digital sources.

Digital Sharing of Content-Rich eBoards

It is possible to wirelessly stream the assignments directly from eBoards onto the student’s computers. This allows for a real collaborative learning environment. It is also possible for teachers to control what each student sees on his or her computer. The technology also offers new assessment possibilities, as exams and questionnaires can be directly transferred digitally to students’ screens.

Touchscreen technology enhances creativity in an online course

This advanced touchscreen technology adds a brand new dimension of online learning. It encourages innovative ways of engaging students in classroom activities. By using the pointer on the laptop, both teachers and students are able demonstrate important ideas about the use of movable pictures. By doing this, you can unlock the creativity of the course and connect more effectively with your students.

Moodle LMS Connector

Connectors, developed jointly by Moodle (a leading learning management system) and the top software as service providers (SaaS), are now available. Utilizing the best available tools, Connectors enable users to easily manage and promote their classes and courses directly within Moodle.

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