How to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company

You should read on if you are considering calling in a professional service to clean your carpets. It will become clear in the article why this is a good decision. They achieve remarkable results and leave you with no stiff neck or aching back. Click here to read more.

Pour some baking soda over a new spill. Allow it to sit for about a minute. Don’t rush to soak it up, instead wait until you see bubbles and foam. Then, after a few seconds, you can wipe both it and the stain from the carpet.

Do a thorough cleaning of your carpeting immediately after you buy it. When used as showroom carpets, they can contain chemicals designed to extend the life of the carpet. You should have carpets thoroughly cleaned right away after they’re installed to keep your loved ones and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.

A good carpet-cleaning company can be recommended by people that you respect. It is easy to say that you can clean carpets well, but you should only let someone into your house if they have proven to do an excellent job. Find out from friends or family who they would recommend in your locality.

For stains which are difficult to remove, apply shaving cream. Apply shaving cream with a brush to the stain. It is important to repeat the process, as this will remove the stain slowly from the carpet.

Cleaning solutions can include white vinegar. This solution can be effective, but it is always best to have a professional clean your carpets. You should test the colorfastness of your carpets by applying the cleaning solution to an unnoticeable area.

Inquire about additional fees before hiring any carpet cleaning service. Most companies charge a flat rate for the cleaning of one or two rooms, but many additional services aren’t included. Extra charges may apply for high-traffic areas, areas with stairs, excessive stains, special carpets, etc. Prevent surprises and find out what these items are in advance.

Avoiding dirt from touching your carpet will help to prolong its life. You can use carpet runners to cover high-trafficked areas. Also, make sure your family removes their shoes prior to walking on the carpet. Some carpeted rooms may require spot cleaning near the entrance door.

It is best to ask your friends or family members for their recommendations. There is a good chance that someone close to you has carpets. They may have cleaned them previously. It is easier to trust someone whose advice you have received.

You should ask for recommendations when speaking to carpet cleaning companies. Look elsewhere if a company cannot provide names of happy customers. The company may be a great choice if they can give you a list of satisfied customers.

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