How to Clean Carpets with the Best Tips for Each Stain

There is no way to avoid this nightmare scenario visit website. You drop something onto your rug, and it spills. Fact is, spills, dirt and stains can be part of your everyday life. You don’t need to leave them on your carpet for good.

General Carpet Care Tip

You should take action immediately to remove stains. Rubing stains can make them worse. It’s best to blot. Spilled liquids should not be rubbed, but blotted. Blotting from the outside is the best way to prevent the stain from spreading.

To maintain carpets, it is recommended that you deep clean them regularly. When you can avoid removing embedded dirt for months, or even years, it is easier to clean your carpets. The steam-cleaning vaccum cleaner not only allows you to remove dirt that is deep within your carpet, it also eliminates odors.

Each stain is treated differently.

You should pre-treat stains like the ones below before you use your steam or deep vacuum.

Alcohol Cooldrink Urine Ice Cream Mud Mud

For cleaning any of the above stains, you’ll need a solution of 1/4 teaspoons of white wine and 1 liters warm water. Always remember to Blot rather than Rub.

Coffee, Tea, Blood, Chocolate, Vomit & Wine:

After that, you can dry any excess water with a paper towel. If your carpet does not contain wool, you can use a solution made with 1 tablespoon of diluted ammonia and 1 cup of distilled water to remove the stains. A mixture of laundry detergent and water is best for wool carpets or those with a blend of wool. You can vacuum the carpet using a deep-cleaning system or steam cleaner.

Candle Wax:

This is the worst scenario, but it can be prevented. You can simply place a paper towel dampened with water on top of the stain. Iron the paper towels. The paper towel should remove the stain.

Nail Polish

It is possible to remove nail polish with a cotton pad, or a ball of cotton that has already been soaked. The area should be treated with as little nail remover as you can.
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