How to Change the Keylocks for Electronic Locks

The introduction of electronic locks into the home is gradually increasing due to their advantages, such as security and convenience. The tourism industry, including hotels, vacation rentals, and the hospitality sector has been a part of this trend. Find out more?

We are specialists in these solutions. Our clients often ask if the replacement of key locks by electronic ones will be difficult. The process is simple, fast and most electronic lock models do not require a door change. In this article, we will discuss the exact same thing: how to install electronic locks.

What is the working of an electronic lock?

In this period of public health crises, where contactless technology is being promoted, most of our clients are amazed at how simple it is to replace metal keys with cards or Bluetooth openers. This contactless technology relies on wireless communications between electronic devices, usually through Bluetooth or RFID.

What type of electronic lock will be required for the installation?

You can find a wide variety of electronic locks here. We will divide them by the types of opening they provide.

These credentials are available in several formats, including key rings and bracelets.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth allows for the secure management and opening of locks by the user via a mobile app.

Opening with a PIN code is like opening a safe.

Electronic cylinders

It is possible to upgrade a door with a mechanical lock and increase security by using an electronic cylinder. Installation is simple as it only requires disassembling the mechanical device and installing the electronic one.

Opening with wireless card Fits any office or hotel door lock.

The Gateway can be opened remotely via Bluetooth on a Smartphone, which is ideal for vacation homes.

A lock cylinder is a compact unit that includes the pistons, the key and the opening. It is an easy-to-use resource but it requires great care to produce. Each cylinder is different, so the alignment and combination of keys is completely unique. In most cases, the only function that the cylinder can perform is to push the metal bar and retract it.

When changing the cylinder it is not necessary to remove the bar. Instead, the cylinder is taken out, and can be easily adapted to the same locking system.

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