How often to clean your combi oven

If you are the lucky owner, you already know how versatile and useful a combi oven is in your kitchen. However, great power comes with great responsibility. You must ensure that your oven is clean and in good condition. How often should your combi oven need to be cleaned? Let’s get started!

Daily checkup

Maintaining your combi oven’s cleanliness starts with daily maintenance. Cleaning up any spillages or splatters in the oven is the first step. Next, wipe down the outside of the oven with a damp cloth. This will keep food from sticking to the oven’s inside, which can make cleaning up more difficult.

Weekly Maintenance

A weekly deep cleaning is recommended in order to maintain your combi oven. You will need to take out the oven racks and trays and give them a hot, soapy clean. It is best to use a moist towel to clean the oven’s interior. Pay attention to any areas where food or grease might have baked.

Monthly Maintenance

It is a good idea to give your combi oven a thorough clean every month. It involves removing any lingering racks or trays and cleaning the oven’s interior with a special oven cleaner. When grease and other particles build up, clean the fan and filters of the oven.

Service every year

A professional service is recommended for your combi oven at least once a year. It will ensure that your stove works well and all parts are in working order. A professional can also clean the oven’s interior more effectively and thoroughly than you can do at home.

Your oven can be maintained in top condition for many years with regular maintenance, weekly deep cleaning and annual servicing. Start cleaning your combination oven now!

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