How do you dress for a date today?

I like dating. It’s lots of fun and exhilarating. If you meet someone who you like and you take a decision to meet for an evening date and see what it can lead to. Actually, I met my partner at the store. He asked me my name in the store line all the way up. I couldn’t resist his charming smile, so I took his number, and contacted him the next day. I was invited to a dinner. I agreed. I spent just over an hour getting ready for my date…hair and makeup. My makeup looked very natural. I picked a sexy outfit in red: a dress, cut just below the knees. It had a very classy design. One spritz of perfume and I was set to the airport! My nervousness soon disappeared.

My date arrived on time. It was a pleasure to be amazed. This showed that he was concerned about my time. He smiled brightly waiting outside of the vehicle. I could not help but blush and smile at him. We embraced just outside of his car. The scent I was wearing was amazing, just the right amount of fragrance. The man asked me if it was time to go and I replied, “Of course.” He opened the car for me, waited patiently until I arrived and closed the doors. After I was settled in my seat at the driver’s side, I looked up at him. He was holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers… They were beautiful pink carnations. They smelled lovely. I thanked him politely, and I kissed him. The date I chose was the perfect setting to have a wonderful evening!

Then it’s off for dinner. I’m a sucker for steak (he remembers the topic of one of our chats) so we agreed to simply eat dinner. As we entered the restaurant. After we got to the eatery, my friend came to me and opened the door. He helped me hold his hand while I stepped out of the vehicle. By now, I was enjoying myself immensely after my date. He clearly had a lot of integrity and I appreciated the respect he displayed towards me. Dinner was great and the conversation was a breeze the two of us asked each other questions as well as shared their tales. He was always calm, constantly smiled at me and was very attentive.

We didn’t have anything or planned, so he suggested that we visit this trendy place where they play fantastic music. I jumped at the chance. I was still enjoying his company, and I definitely liked his style. The lounge felt very warm and intimate, with music that was not overpowering. It was a great place to talk. I had such a wonderful moment with his.

The chemistry was great between us and I was hoping that he would feel the same way. We stayed for about an hour had a few drinks after which we headed for to go home. It was late and despite feeling great from alcohol I didn’t want to be there for more than a few hours. As I thought about getting married, my fantasies was keeping me busy. The first time we met, I decided to remain cautious. He took me home. He unlocked the car door and helped me out. He sat down with me and tenderly kissed it. He was a gentleman right to the heart! While inside, the evening never ceases to reverberate in my mind. It’s a dream to see him once more! I received great impressions of him.

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