Hardwood Flooring Can Be Installed Using The Glue Down Method

The most common method of installing hardwood flooring is the glue down method. If you want to learn the basics of installing hardwood flooring using the gluedown method, you have come to the homepage right place. Do-it yourself hardwood floors are not always stable and can last a while. This glue down method works best. This glue down method is tested to work.

Installing hardwood flooring will require tools

Square Notched trowel – This trowel should not exceed one quarter inch in length to be used for glue application.

Dust Pan and Broom. Use a vacuum to clean under your floor boards. A lumpy floor is the last thing you want when installing hardwood flooring.

Carpenter’s Crayon – This can be used to mark the area where your panels will be cut. This can also serve to mark the surface on your panels. This can be used for any glue-down process.

Circular saw: Use your circular saw to cut panels. Your circular saw can also score the substrate sheets at every eighteen inch. This is vital to avoid curling panels.

Glue. Many hardwood panel kits include their glue. Bostik’s Best adhesive is my top recommendation when it comes to hardwood panel glue.

These nails can be used to attach panels or strips to walls.

Plywood Substratesheets: These sheets can be placed on top or under your hardwood flooring.

Soft Cloths: These are necessary to remove glue in hardwood flooring installations. If glue has set, you’ll need to take extra steps. Some glues and chemical require special chemicals to be removed after it sets. After installing hardwood floors, clean them with soft cloths.

Rubber Gloves: It’s better than glueing your fingers to your glove fingers. After installing hardwood flooring, many people don’t like the sticky glue left on their hands.

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