Handling Hazardous Debris – Everything You Should Know

The owners of businesses are continually looking at website they can reduce costs. Hazardous waste disposal is one area that’s often neglected. The rise in oil prices has caused management to pay more attention the cost of buying solvents or chemicals and disposing them after they are used. This is the time to look at how you can save money by handling these “waste” streams.

In the recent past, purchasing an appropriate solvent-recovery system was a daunting task. Many companies have automated solutions that are not operated by full time staff. The machines range from simple, low-volume units, which can recover as little as two gallons of waste per batch, to those that will collect hundreds to thousands or gallons every day. They offer companies cost effective solutions for hazardous waste management. These machines can often be paid back in less than 12 months. Additionally, this equipment could be eligible to receive government tax credits.

Solvent recovery is applicable to almost any industry. Solvents can be used for cleaning parts, or to remove paint. In fact, almost all industries utilize chemicals as part of the cleaning process or manufacturing. It is crucial to ensure that the solvents recovered in house are sized correctly for the quantity of waste chemicals generated. When this assessment has been made, the cost-benefit of purchasing new equipment can usually be determined. Calculating the cost to dispose and replace the equipment allows the user to easily determine how much money is spent by a company. In most cases the in-house recovery process should recover 99+% of the solvent component of a waste. When you think about it, you buy the product again and again while paying to dispose of it. Costs for service providers to dispose of waste never drop, rather they rise over time. The majority of chemicals contain oil and therefore are always more costly. For executives looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs, in-house solution recovery can be a great option.

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