Flag That Sign

A tape measure (100 feet fiberglass) and an old towel are required to accomplish this task click this link. Another requirement is a skyhook crane with a length of 75′. Attach the skyhook ball to the tape measuring device and tie a piece of red cloth around it. Now, lift the crane up so that the ball is just below the proposed sign face. Now you can create an accurate inference of the sign face mid-air so you can determine if it’s tall enough.

Take your car and drive in both directions by the imaginary sign several times. You may also take photographs to help you show potential advertisers the sign’s appearance.

Fiberglass Surveying Pole

For this purpose, you will need to purchase a 50ft fiberglass surveyor extension pole from a store that sells survey equipment. You will telescope the pole vertically using sections that snap together, approximately 5′ at a stretch. To begin, tie a red ribbon to the top of your pole. Then, extend the rag vertically to the sign’s bottom.

It is then handed to someone who will hold it while your car drives past it, taking pictures. The measurement of the pole is less accurate than the crane because it will bend. It is important that the pole is fiberglass constructed as it can hit the power lines. You could also be electrocuted by electricity conductors. It is important to place your foot alongside the pole in order to keep it from sliding when the wind blows. Many pole-holders are unfortunate enough to have had an accident with their pole.

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