Five Tips to Personalize Your Privacy Fence

Many options are available for homeowners looking to add personal touches to their privacy fencing. This article shows you how to combine fence types to make a unique privacy fence. Read more to see the affordable and best products

Privacy fences are becoming a more popular option for neighborhood fence styles. Cedar basic style fences are a great way for privacy and convenience to neighbors. Privacy fencing can become repetitive if it isn’t done in the same spot every time.

Homeowners looking for privacy and strong cedar fences that don’t blend into their yards have many options. You have many options for customization if you desire a fence that is unique.

Before you begin to plan, make sure to take a look at the surrounding area for unusual or interesting fence designs. There are many ways to combine fences to create stunning designs. You can build your own privacy fence using parts from existing fences.

These are some ways to personalize your privacy wall.

Basic Privacy Fence

A cedar privacy wall is 6 feet tall and is constructed of rigidly-fitted boards. For a smooth appearance, the top is often flat. You can also use a dog-earedboard to give your basic privacy fence a dynamic look. Alternating boards or different widths can be used to experiment.

Picture Frame Fence

A picture frame fence is a decorative option for privacy fencing and can be used as a border. The picture frame fence’s name derives from its horizontal rails as well as the vertical posts that are used to frame each section. You have the option to personalize and enhance your fencing with framing. You can adjust the board’s height and how many boards are in each frame. Also, you can decide if the frames and boards match. You can add a wood trim to your picture frame fence.

Lattice Top Fence

Lattice fencing with decorative lattice can be used as privacy fencing. To create an interesting semi-privacy effect, homeowners can add lattice pieces to their fence. You can frame your picture frame fence with a narrow piece lattice. Use solid boards to replace lattice pieces.

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