Fiberglass Flagpoles: Benefits

Fiberglass flagpoles have a long life span, are versatile, and are extremely strong. They are inert and do not conduct electricity, so lightning is not an issue. Fiberglass poles won’t corrode so they are safe for use in saltwater or other harsh environments. Fiberglass poles can withstand most soiling and scratches, unlike wood or aluminum, which can become bonuses discolored or pitted.

Fiberglass flagpoles reach up to eighty feet in height. These flagpoles are suitable for residential and commercial use. They come in one colour: white. You can request a different color, but it is not possible to ask for a different manufacturer. As fiberglass is very porous, paint will not stick to them. The exterior will need to be repainted after a few decades.

Fiberglass flagpoles come in two options: an internal or external one, similar to aluminum ones. This refers the rope and pulley used to raise or lower the flag. External halyards are cheaper but last longer. Internal halyards on the other side are stronger and more durable because they contain all the moving parts. Accessible only with a special handle or winch

Fiberglass flagpoles that are inground must be securely rooted in a concrete foundation or groundsleeve base, as with other materials. Concrete can corrode fiberglass, so concrete should not be poured on it.

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