Do you need an advertising agency?

I started to write an article titled “Ten things to consider when choosing an agency for advertising”, but quickly realized that I had to ask the fundamental question: “Do I actually need an agency?” clicking here for more info.

Thanks to the internet and new technology, it is possible to do a lot of advertising and marketing work online. Google, among others, even goes to great lengths in providing you with all the tools you might require, completely free of charge.

Advertising agencies are a great way to get your message across.


People will often quote an agency for their services. This is also why many people move agencies. There is no reason to not employ your own creativity in-house. But, in my experience, the best Creatives want to work within an agency environment that encourages collaboration, works on multiple accounts and creates cutting-edge campaigns.

Agencies also have a critical mass for Creative’s. These agencies have a mixture of skills needed. This could include everything from building a Social Media Campaign to creating a logo design or business cards to basic branding. Because they don’t have to worry about the corporate constraints, they can be more creative. When wild salmon is available, it tastes just as good as the salmon you eat in a fish farm.

Experience and Insight

Ad agencies can leverage their market experience and help you reuse campaigns from other markets. They can offer their best practices and insight into what your competitors are doing. Even their failures can provide valuable lessons.

Speed and Flexibility

Businesses are often cyclical. During the trading year, products and/or services have a natural lifespan. Because of this, marketing resources are subject to changing demands over time. An agency can help an organization respond quickly to changing requirements without requiring additional overheads. Agency attitudes were dominated by the belief that “we are in charge” – they do everything. However, today’s agencies are fluid and adaptable. They seek out and fill any gaps the client may not be aware of.

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