Cooking With Your Kids This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be stressful, especially if you have company and have to cook the whole thing. The company might bring a piece of pie and they’ll help with cleanup, but that doesn’t mean you have much to do on Thursday morning. Don’t let stress and despair get in the way of your success learn more.

If you’re reading this you probably have one or two children. Place them in work and give them all jobs. Do not mention the words “job” or work. Kids love to be helpful, especially if you show appreciation. You can let them help! A plan is the first thing you should do. Spend some time planning everything before you leave for work on Thursday morning. It’s likely that you already know what food you want to prepare. You do it every year. That’s it. Each recipe is different. Take the time to read through each one. While you could do it in your sleep without any trouble, your children will need to help. Based on the skill level of each child, assign one recipe. It is possible to modify the recipe for a simpler version. You can go over each step with your child, and then explain how it all works. Make sure to do a “foodless” dress rehearsal with them.

If the child is not old enough to make a whole recipe, give them specific tasks and they will help you. Children can help melt butter in the microwave and mash the vegetables. They can also wash the vegetables, wash the vegetables, and make sweet potato casserole marshmallows. This is one meal where everything happens simultaneously. This can be avoided by having the children mash the potatoes ahead and keeping them warm in the slow cooker. The same goes for the sweet potato casserole, veggies, and the sweet potato casserole. If you don’t have a way of keeping them warm, set them out at the right time, cover them with a lid, and wrap them in several towels. These can be kept warm by using a lid. You can prepare the salad the next day or even the previous night.

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