Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning – Not in my dirty kitchen!

Oh no…

I’ve seen many people who are worried about the safety of their heavy appliances or utensils in their commercial kitchen setups. These individuals don’t know how to organize a cleaning schedule. This is especially true at the end-of-the year in India when many festivities and celebrations take place – more hints.

If I say “dirty kitchen”, it is not only the environment. It is the functionality of the equipment and their overall condition that give a particular kitchen its identity.

Although we all know that daily clean is the best way for things to stay in order and functional, there are other options. You can schedule a cleaning event, which is similar to mandatory training that corporate employees must go through. It’s possible for your housekeeping staff to do spring cleaning in their rooms. Why not try it in your kitchens?

There are several reasons to regularly clean the kitchen.

A. The upkeep of the kitchen area

B. A.

C. Maintaining an environment conducive to work.

Did I address all points? Yes. These three points are key to the success and viability of a commercial cooking area in a restaurant.

The reality is that the maintenance department or kitchen staff should keep these three points in mind at all times. They will not be surprised by unexpected situations like short-circuits and equipment breaking down.

Commercial kitchens need extreme care as they work round the clock and are subject to constant stress. Split the kitchen into smaller sections. This is usually done by using the layout as a division. It is best to pick one area in a given time period (preferably night, when the rush is low) and to focus on cleaning. Another area can be chosen the next day. This routine of quick cleaning is very important in keeping kitchen equipment clean and preventing grease and dirt from settling on it.

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