Choose the right commercial flagpole

Flagpoles for commercial use are standard at 30 to 60 feet. They are made often of one or more pieces of aluminum, steel tubing, or aluminum, you can check this contact form here.

There may be three flagpoles, or more depending on how elaborate or dramatic you want them to look. Flagpoles should be placed in enough space that they can hold their flags. If you need to place larger flags there may be some room for growth.

There are two types of flag raising and lowering halyards. They can either be pulledey or rope systems. The pole will have an external halyard. This type uses a flag attached with a rope. The rope loops through a truck, or wheel at the flagpole’s tip. The rope wraps around a bottom-cleat, holding the flag in place. Security is the problem when using an external-halyard scheme. It is very easy to cut rope.

You can increase security and durability by using an internal halyard. This system places the cord or cable inside the pole. It can be accessed via a hinged entrance compartment near the shaft base. If the wind shifts, ensure you use a rotating truck.

Steel is the best material to use for commercial flagpoles. Steel flagpoles are the strongest and most durable, and they require very little maintenance.

A bronze alloy can give you a classic appearance. Bronze alloys are most commonly used for historic or national architectural projects. This material will darken over the years, making flagpoles less attractive.

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