Carpet Cleaning That Works

Carpet is an investment that will last a lifetime and must be maintained. Proper underlay should be used before carpet is laid. Carpets that are regularly cleaned with gentler chemicals will last a lot longer and be more pleasant to use, read more?

You can make sure that your carpet lasts a lifetime by choosing carpets that suit the location. The carpet must be kept clean and well maintained after being laid.

General Carpet Clean

Before you begin cleaning your carpets using a cleaning product, be aware of the types of stains in them as well the type and manufacturer of your carpets.

Powdered stain removers are best for carpets that have been accumulated dirt and dust. Powder-based stain removals need to be applied on the carpets and then brushed away.

You should treat any liquid-based stain, such wine, soft drinks and coffee. Also, carpets that have been stained by moisture or buildup of dirt and dust should be treated with a liquid-based carpet cleaner. A powder-based cleaner can be used to remove water stains from carpet.

Although steam cleaning carpets is recommended for most carpets it is also important to make sure your carpets are not damaged. Steam cleaning involves removing dirt from the carpet and drawing it to the surface.

Specially formulated liquid cleaning solutions are required for steam cleaning. They can be converted to steam using a steam cleaning machine, or a vacuum cleaner. There are many options for steam cleaning. The instructions for both chemical and machine use should be carefully read.

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