Carpet cleaning is better for your carpets

Many myths regarding carpet cleaning have been around for years, despite modern technology. Here are some myths that carpet cleaning is not as popular today. Myth 1. “Wait as long before you clean a carpet, because it will get dirty faster if it isn’t cleaned as often as possible” Go here!

It is true, however, because dirt is abrasive, so dirt gets ground into carpet fibres and causes damage. Before a carpet can be cleaned, it will need to be dirty. Carpets can be damaged by grease and fine grains, even if vacuuming is enough.

Myth #2 “You don’t need to clean a carpet if it looks dirty.”

No, you wouldn’t wash clothes if they were worn. Carpets have the same problem – air is full of pollens and bacteria. You can let your hair, skin, clothes, and shoes transport them from the outdoors to your carpet.

Carpets may contain chemicals, pollens, or fungi that can worsen allergies and respiratory problems.

Myth 3: “All cleaning methods yield the same result”

There are two main methods of cleaning: hot water extraction or dry cleaning.

(a) Dry Cleaning (this isn’t dry cleaning clothes because all carpet cleaning techniques use water in some way, dry-foaming, dry-chemical, or dry compound).

Dry foam carpets are cleaned and dried. Then, vacuum the carpet to get rid of any dirt or foam. This traditional method is less efficient and can leave behind soil-attracting residues in your carpet.

The dry chemical method works in the same way as dry foam. However, a rotary machine fitted with a cloth is used to rub the carpet to absorb the dirt. It’s similar to someone using a towel and a spot cleaner, but on an even larger scale. This method is not effective at deep cleaning carpets and can cause damage to fibres.

For carpets with light stains, dry cleaning can be used.

The dry compound process involves applying an absorbent substance to the carpet. It is then brushed into the carpet fibers using a machine to absorb dirt. A vacuum is used to remove the compound once it has dried. It works just like dry foam but is far more effective in removing dirt and residues. This method, known as HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner Systems, is used by over 70 carpet manufacturers and is the most widely-used carpet dry-cleaning technique in Europe.

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