Business Attorney

Most people believe that you don’t need a business attorney. It is usually too late when you discover you need one. Even if an attorney is not necessary right now for your case, it is still important to maintain good relationships with them. You never know what day you’ll need one. Additional info!

Smart business attorneys can stop problems from happening. Although hiring one will be costly, it is likely to cost less than what it would take to solve a major problem. You need someone who will stand up for you. Protecting yourself from wrong actions is essential.

You can network with other types of attorneys and create relationships.

A business transactional advocate (contracts or business deals).

An employment law attorney. Ask them about employee handbooks.

An intellectual property attorney (patents/copyrights/trademarks)

A litigation attorney (tell them about your business).

Here are 8 things to keep in mind when working alongside attorneys

1. An attorney can help you to create a contract protecting you, your suppliers, and clients. It’s safer to be safe than sorry. The devil is always in the details. CYA big. My clients are often screwed when they don’t get their clients to sign a contract.

2. It is important to find a business attorney who is experienced in the particular area you need. A general lawyer can only take you so far before they have to refer you to someone who is more qualified. Don’t hire a divorce attorney if you require an attorney to draft contracts for you and your clients.

3. It is more common to pay an hourly rate for an attorney hired by a solopreneur than if they are part of larger firms. It’s possible to get a lower hourly rate, but this is not a good deal. Your attorney might not be able to access the same resources at a larger firm – additional attorneys, support staff, etc.

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