Beads Types Discussion

Like diamonds is a girl’s best friend. But not really, beaded jewelry can come close. Beaded jewelry can be made using Glass beads, which are then attached together with a string or a needle for sewing. A thin wire or thread completes the design. The bead can only be described as a tiny piece of decorative material that’s used to make different jeweleries like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so on.

The history of the beaded jewellery dates back as far as ancient Egypt. And women still love it today. The art of making jewelry has changed over the years. Previously, jewelry was created using stones, bone, or wood. Nowadays, it is made with crystals, semiprecious stone, and many different types of beads.

Different types, Different feelings

There are many types, shapes and sizes of beads. Here are some of most popular types of beads in jewelry.

European – These come in unique color and fashion combinations. It is possible to create this kind using a range of materials. European pearls that are made into necklaces or wristlets look elegant and timeless. European Beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These beads are known for their 3D patterns, which set them apart from the other beads on the marketplace. The items are also suitable for making key chains.

Acrylic: They’re made of synthetic plastic, which makes them durable and strong. Acrylic beads have superior qualities when compared with glass. Acrylics are sold in various types, such as Colourful Acrylics, Imitation Pearls Acrylic Alphanumerics, Acrylic Crystals and Magic Acrylic. Lightweight jewelry is a huge benefit to using acrylic.

Clay is made from clay. They can be categorized based upon their shapes, colours and textures. With the help of polymer and tutorials, one can make these beads at home. Clay beads are available in Animal Design and Mix Design styles, Colourful Porcelain Beads and Blue-white Porcelain Beads. The versatility of these beads allows them to be turned into a variety of different jewelry.

This glass comes in vibrant colours, finishes and different shapes that give the piece of jewellery they’re integrated into a unique look. Glasses can be divided into Crackle Glasses, Frosted Glasses and Glass Pearls. Beads can also be decorated with bumps or other decorative elements.

Metals are widely used for jewelry due to their versatility, strength and durability when compared with plastic beads. This is available in many finishes. It can be worn at any time. Metal beads are available in many different variations. These include Hematite, Metal Letters and more.

Shell and Pearl Pearl jewelry has a timeless elegance and is gorgeous. This stunning jewelry is made of shell pearls formed by certain aquatic animals. Coral Chip and Mother of Pearl bead are among these beads.

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