Art and Design Careers Can Be Lucrative: What To Consider

For many, it can be hard to stay on top of their artistic passions. This is especially true when people are emotionally charged and find it hard to communicate. Additionally, some artists struggle to make a living. You will find in this article some ways to earn money as a designer or artist, get the facts.

You will probably be aware of stereotypes if you’ve attended an art school, or are self-taught.

Why not choose something else to study?

Art cannot be sold. You must be prepared to starve if you want to become an artist.

It is expensive to get a degree.

It is very frustrating to hear these statements. If you’re a talented artist and you dedicate yourself to your craft, then you can be successful. You can pursue many art careers if you are talented and committed.

This list will show you how to become a successful artist and earn money!

1. Commercial Artist

It is common to use artwork created by professional artists as part of advertising campaigns, brand strategies and logos. You can use it for your hotel or even as office decor. They also work closely with certain clients like magazines, shipping and packing firms, brands or similar businesses.

Freelancers can work as commercial artists or be employed by a brand or company. ).

To meet client demands, commercial artists need to be able to change their style. Commercial artists are required to interact with editors, writers, directors and supervisors, as well as managers.

You will also need to understand money, and be able to do accounting because often you have work with the clients’ financial limitations. To be a successful freelancer, you need to work hard, stay focused, and have motivation.

PayScale states that the median annual income of commercial artists is $62,000. It is great that this opportunity allows many types of artists to be employed, like illustrators and painters.

2. Graphic Designer

Freelancers can work in the same fields as commercial artists and graphic designers. Graphic designers are responsible for creating visuals including graphs, illustrations, and other graphics.

This could include typography, illustrations, symbols or even website pages. These can include signs and logos. Most graphic designers work with companies and brands closely to make sure that their voice, brand image and purpose are reflected. While the majority of graphic design is done digitally, traditional methods can also be used.

Graphic designers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree, usually in art or graphic design. PayScale reports that graphic designers earn an average of $44,000.

3. Artist or Professor

The perfect profession for anyone who loves to share knowledge and teach art, is that of an art professor or teacher. The art teacher can be employed at any level of education including elementary, high school and preschool.

Art teachers in high schools or elementary school are often required to have a teaching license or degree. To be effective art teachers with young students, instructors need to know how to effectively communicate and to interrelate.

Salary levels for teachers can vary based on their location and school. However, the median salary currently reported is $55,000.

Many art professors are required to have additional education. To be considered for teaching jobs in colleges, they usually require a Master’s degree or a Doctorate. Higher education and a professor’s position with a higher rank pay dividends in salary. A professor of art, for example, earns an average $72,600 yearly.

4. Museum Curator

Museum Curators are often more interested in the history of art and its appreciation.

The curators in museums and art galleries are responsible for collecting, cataloguing and locating artwork. The curator must be able to understand art, history of art and the entire world. It is also important that they are able to effectively manage their schedule and be organized.

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